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 Here you will find information on  organic ozonated oils and oxygen/ozone therapy, advanced products and friendly service. We do everything we can to facilitate your shift towards holistic health management. Please feel free to browse our Articles and Useful Links pages or Contact Us for more information.

Due to their antifungal, antiviral and antibacterial qualities,  organic ozonated oils have many healing properties for stubborn skin problems, are totally natural and are a healing alternative to pharmaceutical skin remedies.

 Fully Ozonated Organic Olive Oil Paste may be helpful for the following conditions:

Anal fistulas, skin burns, seborrheic dermatitis, ringworm, home remedy for cold sores, athlete’s foot, toe nail fungus, candida infection, yeast infections, poison oak, poison ivy treatment, bee stings, spider bites, cuts, bruises, burns, muscle pains: any part of the skin that needs healing – the list is endless and new uses are being discovered as time goes by.

Ozonated oils are also being introduced into alternative dentistry.  Fully Ozonated oils have been shown to be helpful in healing abscesses of the gum, periodontal pockets and gingivitis. Regular use may also prevent plaque from forming.

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“I had sprained my ankle several weeks earlier while hiking.  It was still painful to walk on when I arrived at my friend’s house that day.  She rubbed some ozonated olive oil on my ankle and almost instantaneously ALL the pain was gone and it never came back.  Imagine my surprise as an RN, and I had never heard of this!  Now I recommend it to everyone.”  Kathy Sparks, RN  Issaquah, Washington  USA