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What is Ozone?

Ozone is boosted oxygen which your body badly needs.  The air you are breathing today has about half as much oxygen  than your relatives from four generations ago enjoyed … IF you are lucky to be in a good place on the planet.

Cities typically have significantly less oxygen – maybe 12%.  When the oxygen content drops to 7% … this is not enough to sustain human life.  Yes, it’s that important.  And yes, air quality has gotten that bad globally.  The popularity of oxygen bars and oxygen gyms springing up all over the world give this notion validity.

So the question is “How do you get more oxygen into your body to make it work as Nature intended?”  One of the best answers is by correct use of Ozone. Another is the use of  oxygen generators. Read on for more information.


Ozone is a tri-atomic, tri-valent form of oxygen. It is negatively charged. It is electrified oxygen, capable of delivering a negative charge to components of air, water, and the human body. It is an unstable form of oxygen and therefore has a short half-life. During that short half-life, ozone is capable of destroying micro-organisms through a process known as cell lysing. Some of the micro-organisms it destroys include bacteria, viruses, molds, yeast, pollen and cysts (including giardiasis and cryptosporidium). Ozone was certified by the FDA as killing 99.9992% of all known pathogens when infused into water. Since the human body is 70 to 80% water, ozone is affective in eliminating pathogens from the body.


Ozone has the ability to oxidize or “burn” almost any inorganic pollutant, breaking down these long chain molecules to simple compounds like carbon dioxide, water vapor and free stable oxygen. Mother Nature purifies the planet by turning oxygen into ozone at high altitudes with the ultraviolet rays of the Sun. The ozone molecules are heavier than air so naturally fall towards Earth, purifying the atmosphere as it descends. The oxygen released from this process rises in the atmosphere to once again be transformed into an ozone layer, protecting us from harmful rays and once again to descend Earthward to clean the atmosphere. As long as there is sufficient oxygen in the outer atmosphere, and as long as the rays of the sun are striking the atmosphere, we will have an ozone layer to protect us. The problem today is that there is not sufficient oxygen in the atmosphere. Global desertification (destruction of trees and grasslands), the pollution of the seas and major industrialization are contributing factors to the lack of oxygen in our atmosphere. Studies reveal that by measuring the oxygen content  in bubbles of air trapped in ancient amber, this planet once had an oxygen concentration of 35 to 38% or more, compared to 18 to 20% today on a good day in the country.


Ozone is produced naturally by the ultraviolet rays of the sun, by waterfalls, by waves crashing on rocks, by evergreen trees, and in great abundance by lightning. The fresh smells and feelings of well-being associated with these places in Nature are a direct result of ozone and the lack of pollutants, along with the negative ions also produced.


Ozone is used commercially to purify water, air and the human body. The FDA and EPA certify ozone as capable of destroying 99.9992% of all known pathogens and water -borne pollutants when used to purify water.  It is also used to purify water for entire cities and in sewage treatment plants to purify effluent before it is dumped into lakes and rivers. Ozone is also used to purify water in pools, spas and the like. This process greatly reduces the need for such toxins in water as chlorine, bromine and fluoride, all of which are toxic to the human body. Ozone is 5000 times more effective in controlling micro-organisms than any of these elements. It is also widely used in the food industry to control pathogens on food. Some grocers now spray their produce with ozonated water.


Ozone is used to purify the air in homes, places of business, garbage transfer facilities, bingo halls, mortuaries, nightclubs, fire restorations and countless others. Ozone will eliminate any unwanted smell and in the process, break down harmful chemicals to lesser compounds that are not harmful to the body.



Unfortunately the earth’s oxygen levels have been decreasing. Today’s average is 19 % to 21%, but falls to 12% to 15 % in our cities, and is continuing to decline. Air with less than 7 % oxygen is not sufficient to sustain human life. Air decontamination, purification and improvement of oxygen uptake are well worth serious attention. Dr Otto Warburg won two Nobel Prizes for his work on the relationship between hypoxia (lack of oxygen to the cell) and diseases which include cancer. Since we have begun to measure oxygen levels in 1989, there has been a steady decline of free oxygen in our atmosphere. Since every molecule of additional carbon dioxide locks up two oxygen atoms, the free oxygen decline is greater than the carbon dioxide build-up.


Ozone is used to purify the human body by many health practitioners. There are many protocols for the use of ozone in existence today for medical use. Countries like Cuba who do not have the finances to support a medical system as we know it, train their doctors in the use of ozone protocols to heal their patients. Ozone is legal as a treatment for many dis-eases in many States of America by doctors and in Canada by Naturopaths who have been accredited by our government. These treatments are not funded by the medical system, nor is ozone recognized as a medical treatment by Medical Associations in North America. Since ozone is inexpensive, unpatentable, and must be produced at source, no great profits can be made from its use in medicine. No human clinical trials have ever been allowed by the Medical Community despite overwhelming anecdotal evidence of its efficacy in eradicating pathogenic disease.

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