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All the below suggested numbers and times are rough recommendations.
As long as one respects the following precautions:

·         ozone concentration below 80 gamma (*)

·         oxygen (o2) flow during ear insufflations below 1/8 LPM (**) (= 0.125 liter per minute)

·         not directing ozone towards the eyes

·         not breathing ozone straight from the hose

·         having either a) a running fan blow at your face or b) wear a 3M mask with the filter number 2097 [available at home depot for $25]; plus open windows

one can adjust the times and o3 concentrations to one’s liking.

Ozone sauna:

o2 flow: 0.5 LPM

ozone concentration: 20 gamma

time: 30 min
Rectal insufflations without a bag:    

o2 flow: 1/8 LPM

ozone concentration: 20 to 50 gamma

maximum volume: 500ml

time: depends on the o2 flow; at 1/8 LPM the maximum time is 4 min (for other o2 flows check the file “table with o2 flows and volumes”)

Vaginal insufflations:

o2 flow: maximum 1/8 LPM

ozone concentration: 20 to 40 gamma

time: start with 5 min per day, you can slowly increase and go for as long as you want and as many times per day as you want.

[IMPORTANT: if you suspect of having a tear or a wound due to trauma or other causes in your reproductive system, do not attempt vaginal insufflations. Otherwise you’re running a risk of pushing air into an open vein which could cause an embolism.]

Ear insufflations:

o2 flow: 1/32 to 1/8 LPM

ozone concentration: 20 to 40 gamma

time: up to 20 min

[IMPORTANT: With ear insufflations, there is a very high risk of developing excruciating pain due to blocked eustachian tubes. Often, as part of a Herxheimer reaction to the EIs, the ears start discharging oxidized toxins in the form of lymph fluid. That can lead to inflammation inside the ears and blockage. The resulting pain is among the most agonizing experiences one can imagine. In order to prevent that from happening it’s suggested that one starts very low and slow. A maximum of 5 minutes of EIs, 3 times a week for several months might be necessary to prevent that extreme reaction from taking place. If in that time there is no pain, and the swelling, discharge, and itchiness are manageable, one can start increasing slowly until one reaches max 20 min per day.

Once the pain starts to occur it’s important to stop the EIs immediately until the pain and the discharge goes away. That can take up to 2 weeks.]

Breathing ozone bubbled through olive oil:

o2 flow: 1/8 to 1/4 LPM

ozone concentration: 20 to 50 gamma

time: from a few minutes to 30 minutes

[IMPORTANT: given that the humidifier bottle has a volume of its own you need to count that in when starting the procedure. Example: if the humidifier bottle has a volume of 250ml and you set your o2 flow at 1/4 LPM (=0.25 liter = 250 ml per minute) that means that the humidifier will be full with ozone gas after only 1 minute and only after that time will you start smelling ozone coming out of it and only from that moment on can you start counting treatment time.]


o2 flow: max 1/8 LPM

ozone concentration: 40-80 gamma time: a minimum of 10 min

Ozonated water:

o2 flow: 1/8 to 1/2 LPM

ozone concentration: 20 to 80 gamma.


1 glass (8-10 oz) for minimum of 5 to 7 min

2 glasses for min 10-15 min

3-4 glasses for 20 to 30 min

1 gallon: 30-40 min


(*) 1 gamma = 1 ug/ml = 1 mcg/ml = 1 microgram per millilitre = 1g/M3 = 1 gram per cubic metre

(**) LPM = liter per minute

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