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By Paola Dziwetzki  Yahoo group “Ozone to Health

Ozone therapy has been around for over 100 years and it’s one of the safest therapies there is. Still, it’s important to respect a few things and take certain precautions when handling ozone.

When using ozone generators at home for self treatment, please make sure to


·         use ozone concentration below 80 gamma (*)

·         use oxygen (o2) flow during insufflations below 1/8 LPM (**) (= 0.125 liter per minute)

·         not direct ozone towards the eyes

·         not breath ozone straight from the hose

·         have either a) a running fan blow at your face or b) wear a 3M mask with the filter number 2097 [available at home depot for $25]; plus open windows

·         have a good amount of Vitamin C at home. Should you feel that you have accidentally breathed in too much ozone or that you have exposed yourself in any other way to too much or too high an ozone concentration, immediately dissolve a larger amount of Vitamin C and drink it.


Ozone sauna:  

Risk: extremely itchy, sometimes oozing rash, mostly over the abdomen and back; usually looks like small red dots, but can also look like slightly bigger red round circles or streaks


·         once the rash sets in reduce frequency, ozone concentration and/or length of time of the saunas, but do not stop entirely

·         apply a stream of hot and cold water to the itching skin for a few minutes each

·         apply any of the following:

1) Liver flush

2) Protease enzymes

3) Ozonated olive oil, topically

4) Gardener’s Dream Cream, topically

5) Activated charcoal slurry, internally

6) Vitamin B12 : up to 1500 micrograms at a time

7) Oat juice, topically

8) Hydrogen peroxide 3%, topically

9) Colloidal silver, topically

10) Emu oil, topically

11) Vodka, topically

12) The Itch Cream, topically

13) Calcium lactate

14) Lycopodium powder

15) Homeopathics: Psoriaheel; Schwef-Heel

16) Boric acid powder, topically

17) Bentonite powder paste, topically

18) Safflower oil, topically

19) Coconut palm butter, topically

20) Cumarindine

21) Nature Dream “Cu-Well” Cream

22) Zambesia Botanicals herbal skin cream

23) Bathe in tub with Masada Dead Sea Salts

24) Activated charcoal slurry

25) Mint oil



Rectal insufflations:

Risk: colon rupture


·         use a bag

·         if you use a bag and squeeze it manually, take your time. Allow the procedure to last 5 to 10 minutes

·         do not introduce more than 500ml of gas at one time. Please check the following documents in the files: “Insufflation-Bag-Amounts-and-Fill-Times.pdf” and “table with o2 flows and volumes .pdf” . They will help you determine for how long to let the oxygen run in order to achieve the desired gas amount.

·         if performed without a bag, do not use oxygen flows of more than 1/8 LPM (so stay at 1/8, 1/16, or 1/32 LPM.)


Vaginal insufflations:

Risk: gas embolism (I personally think that risk is vanishingly small. I could only find one case where it was suspected that a woman died due to a gas embolism after a certain sexual practice which according to the coroner had pushed air through an open vein in her uterus and caused an air embolism. As far as I know, there is no reported case where this has ever occurred during vaginal ozone insufflations. Still, Dr. Rowen prefers to make people aware of it.)


·         If you suspect having a tear or a wound due to trauma or other causes in your reproductive system, do not attempt vaginal insufflations. Otherwise you’re running a risk of pushing air into an open vein which could cause a gas embolism.

·         use pure oxygen only


Ear insufflations:

Risk: excruciating pain due to blocked eustachian tubes. Often, as part of a Herxheimer reaction to the EIs, the ears start discharging oxidized toxins in the form of lymph fluid. That can lead to inflammation inside the ears and blockage. The resulting pain is among the most agonizing experiences one can imagine. The pain and blockage resolve by themselves usually within 10 to 14 days, if no further ozone is applied, without any lasting damage.



·         In order to prevent that from happening it’s suggested that one starts very low and slow. A maximum of 5 minutes of EIs, 3 times a week for several months might be necessary to prevent that extreme reaction from taking place. Some might have to start as low as 30 seconds per session. If in that time there is no pain, and the swelling, discharge, and itchiness are manageable, one can start increasing slowly until one reaches max 20 min per day. Once the pain starts to occur it’s important to stop the EIs immediately and wait for the pain to subside. That can take up to 2 weeks.

·         do a series of ozone IVs before switching to ear insufflations.


Breathing ozone bubbled through olive oil:

Risk: the oil becomes saturated with ozone over time and it does not produce ozonides

(ozone-olive-oil bonds) anymore. One ends up breathing raw ozone instead of ozonides.


~ change the oil frequently, especially if you start experiencing harshness or irritation after the procedure



Risk: itchy rash, same as after ozone saunas, see above.

Solution: same as after ozone saunas, see above


Drinking ozonated water:


·         accidentally breathing in the outgassing ozone (which escapes the water and collects on the surface)

·         painful abdominal bloating and gas when the ozone water reacts with food in the intestines


·         hold your breath while drinking ozonated water

·         blow away the excess ozone on the surface before drinking

·         wait 3 hours after your last meal before drinking ozonated water.

·         after having ingested ozonated water, wait at least 15 minutes before you eat or drink anything

·         do not put anything else in the water. Just use pure water. Preferably mineral or reverse osmosis filtered water. Distilled water is fine as long as you supplement with minerals afterwards. Adding salt is ok.


MAH (Major Autohemotherapy):

Risk: uncontrolled bleeding caused by anti-coagulants like heparin or sodium citrate necessary to perform MAHs.


·         check for heparin allergy

·         be aware that uncontrolled internal bleeding can happen at any point during anti-coagulant administration, even in people who do not have an allergy to anti-coagulants.

·         switch to other ozone protocols which do not call for anti-coagulants


DIV (Direct ozone IV)


·         if performed with proper equipment, at least 99% pure oxygen, and by a skilled and trained practitioner according to the slow Dr. Robins protocol, none.

·         If performed in any other way it can lead to a gas embolism and death, especially if anything else other than pure oxygen is injected into the person

·         temporary discomfort and tightness in the chest


·         have it performed by a trained and experienced practitioner only

·         if you chose to do it yourself, apply Dr. Robins method, read the document “robins+DIV+Ozone+Therapy .docx” or use Dr. Pressman’s method as described in the document “HOW TO DO DIRECT OZONE IV (DIV)” in the files

·         make sure you use at least 99% pure oxygen

·         use medical grade ozone generators only

·         use an airtight closed circuit when filling the syringe with ozone

·         remain in a horizontal or reclined position for at least 30 min after the IV before you get up




(*) 1 gamma = 1 ug/ml = 1 mcg/ml = 1 microgram per milliliter = 1 g/m3 = 1 gram per cubic metre

(**) LPM = liter per minute

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