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Stainless Steel Diffuser

High Quality 316 Stainless steel diffuser, perfect for ozonating water. 316 stainless is highly resistant to ozone of any concentration. We do not recommend this diffuser for ozonating oils. The oils will clog the pores of the diffuser quite quickly and only high heat will clean the diffuser.


-2 micron bubble size -  lots of very small bubbles

-1 inch long by 1/2 inch diameter

-1/4 inch hose barb inlet siutable for 3/16 or 1/4 inch ID tubing

Please note: This diffuser is not appropriate for use with inexpensive Chinese air-fed ozonators. The back pressure created by the small pore size of the diffuser cannot be overcome by the air pump inside inexpensive ozonators. These diffusers work extremely well with oxygen-fed systems and can be cleaned with heat or boiling in pure water.


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  1. Lichaa George

    Hi , I’m interested in those stainless steel ozone diffusers, I would like to use them for olive oil ozonation , as silica ones are clogging all the time , so do you recommend those for olive oil ozonation , also what would be shipping fees to Lebanon

    1. paul harvey

      Hello George
      We do not recommend the stainless steel diffusers for ozonating oils. The pores are too small and they clog much too easily.You would be cleaning them much too often. We use silicone tubing, put a stopper in one end and drill small holes in the tubing. It makes an excellent diffuser for oils.
      Good luck.
      Paul Harvey


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