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Organic Fully Ozonated Olive Oil Paste 500 ml

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For frequent users or those who wish to buy larger amounts of fully ozonated organic olive oil and share it with friends, we offer this larger size and some savings. The same amount of ozonated olive oil in 100 ml jars would be $139.75 if purchased separately.

We package this product in HDPE plastic jars to minimize shipping costs.

New product in new HDPE container with lid seal. Net volume 500ml  (.528 US Quarts)


Price: $112.95

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  1. Robin Bradford

    Need ozonated olive oil I can ingest.

  2. paul harvey

    Hello Robin. Thank you for your inquiry. We normally do not ship the lightly ozonated olive oil product (which is the one you need) in the summer months because the heat degrades the product rapidly. It is available on the Dr Clark/Pet products page of the website. We could ship it Xpresspost 3 to 5 days and the oil would be OK but the cost would be rather high. Let us know how you wish to proceed. Cheers,


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