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Kleenair Model 2500 R

What Makes the difference is negative ions and fan speed control


The fan speed control (the knob with the blue end cap located on the back panel) adjusts the speed of the fan and will determine the amount of ozone and negative ions that are dispersed into any given area. Personal preference will determine the distance you wish the ozone and negative ions to be dispersed.


* User Friendly

* Made in U. S. A.

* Energy Efficient

* Electronic Ballast

* The only maintenance is a cleanable air filter

* Aluminum Construction

* Fully effective 1 year warranty

* Built with top quality ozone components


* Operating Area: 2500 sq. ft.

* Ozone Output: 125 mg/hr

* Fan Volume: 105 CFM

* Fan Electrical: 0.20 Amps

* Voltage: 110 Volts

* Weight: 5 Lbs

* UV Protected: Yes

* Size/Dimensions: 9" x 6" x 13.5"

* Total Electrical Required: .7 Amps

* Negative Ions Concentration: 1,000,000 Ions/cm³

Price: $475.00 / Plus Shipping & Handling  Shipped by UPS


Old Price: $525.00

Price: $435.95

You save: $89.05

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