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Prevent and Cure Cancer

Prevent and Cure Cancer By Eliminating the Causes

Author: Ron Gdanski, B. A. Published by Nadex Publishing, Division of Nadex Industries Ltd. P.O. Box 307, Grimsby, ON. Canada, L3M 4G5 Phone or fax 1-800-656-7606

ISBN 0-9685665-1-0

Copyright and Invitation to Publicize the Cause of Cancer V 2000, Ron Gdanski. All rights reserved. Permission is hereby granted to use this information for reference material to publicize the cause of cancer and how to prevent or cure it, providing references to the source material in CANCER, Cause, Cure and Cover-up are included (ISBN 0-9685665-0-2). To download information for personal or business use see page 37.

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This information is provided for educational purposes, and is not intended to serve as medical advise, diagnosis or prescription. Alternative therapies can be effective but self-treatment can be

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Why Read this Booklet?

  1. To learn the cause of cancer and how to prevent and cure it.
  2. To live without the fear of cancer.


  1. Inflammation of a Mass of Cells Leads to Cancer

A New Theory For The Cause of Cancer Is Needed

The Home Medical Encyclopedia describes cancer as any of a group of diseases in which symptoms are due to unrestrained growth of cells in one of the body’s organs or tissues. Under the subtitle CAUSES, it goes on to say that cancer begins when oncogenes (genes controlling cell growth and multiplication) in a cell or cells are transformed by agents known as carcinogens. Once a healthy cell is transformed into a tumor forming type the change in its oncogenes is passed on to its offspring cells. A small group of abnormal cells is thus established, and these abnormal cells divide more rapidly than their surrounding normal cells. A person’s susceptibility to cancer is determined by his or her genetic makeup, which is inherited. Is any of this theory true?

Obviously, the symptom of unrestrained growth and tumor forming does not apply to all cancers. Bone cancer results in bone loss, muscle tissue results in muscle loss and leukemia, (cancer of white blood cells) does not form tumors. Lung cancer does not result in lung tissue, brain tumors do not produce brain tissue, etc. We do no have cancer of the heart, arteries or veins. It follows that a new theory mote consistent with reality is badly needed.

Perhaps we are wrong in assuming unrestrained growth is only a symptom of cancer. Perhaps rapid growth is the cause of cancer. Now we have an entirely new approach because rapid growth for repair of an injury is normal following an injury.

When we injure our skin sufficiently to cause bleeding, the body has a mechanism to repair the injury through rapid growth of adjacent cells. In the same way, an injury to a pre-cancerous lesion or benign growth could trigger rapid growth of the infected cells forming the lesion. We also know that infected injuries do not heal but adjacent cells keep multiplying anyway. Injury to a group of infected cells that fail to heal results in rapid, unrestrained doubling of them That’s cancer! There are no genetic mysteries that need solving in order to explain rapid growth, unrestrained growth, or tumor forming of membrane cells.

  1. Inflammation of a Mass of Cells Leads to Cancer 5

Let’s consider a NEW cause of cancer theory. Let’s say that an injury to a mass of fungal infected membrane cells, traps the injury repair mechanism in high gear, rapidly doubling infected cells because they fail to heal.

Infection and Inflammation Start the Cancer Process

The “What Causes It” heading for many cancers listed in the book, Everyone’s Guide to Cancer Therapy” adapted by the Canadian Medical Association, is filled with references to unexplained bleeding, infection and inflammation. For example, “people with chronic inflammatory processes, such as ulcerative colitis, parasitic infections of the bile ducts are at higher risk for developing cancer”.

Under cancer of the cervix we read: “Ninety to 95% of cervical cancers contain human papilloma virus DNA ….The virus is a sexually transmitted disease.” Inflammatory breast cancer shows up as a hot, red, swollen area having the appearance of an infection or inflammation”.

Numerous other examples can be found in cancer data connecting cancer to infection and inflammation. The single common denominator in known cancer causes such as toxic chemicals, physical injury, stress, internal bleeding, virus, parasitic larvae, parasitic worms and flukes, metabolic problems, nutritional deficiencies, and weakened immune system, is contribution to the process of injury, infection, and inflammation.

Inflammation Causes Growth of Fibrous Membranes

Common knowledge finds cancer is often associated with toxins and pollutants, injuries that do not heal and parasites, but no common denominator is evident in these conditions far the cause of cancer. Inflammation is defined as redness, swelling, pain and heat localized to an area of the body due to tissue injury resulting from infections, physical injury or chemical insult. Isn’t that interesting?

The three conditions associated with cancer are also listed as three causes of inflammation. Is there any connection?

Yes. Inflammation produces toxins that infect adjacent cells. To prevent the further spread of toxins, the immune system builds a tough fibrous membrane to wall off the inflamed mass of cells in much the same way a fibrous membrane blacks an injured artery to stop bleeding. The fibrous growth takes the form of a cyst, polyp, ulcer, benign growth or pre-cancerous lesion.

6          1. Inflammation of a Mass of Cells Leads to Cancer

Rapid growth of a mass of infected cells is triggered by a break in the membrane walling off the toxins. Rate of growth depends on the size of the injury, toxicity of the toxins, vitality of the individual anal quantity of growth hormone available. That’s why some cancers appear more or less aggressive than others.

A Break In A Fibrous Membrane Triggers Rapid  Growth.

The cancer process can be summarized in ten steps. Let’s list them here and discuss them more fully in later chapters. Here’s the true cause of cancer.

  1. Virus or microbial parasites “pathogens” invade an internal blood clot or mass of tissue cells weakened by nutritional deficiencies, injury or pollutants. This happens when the immune system is weak due to any number of reasons.
  2. Fungi take control of the mass of infected cells, stop oxidative metabolism, but maintain fermentative metabolism.
  3. Metabolic wastes such as ammonia and fungal enzymes are toxic to adjacent cells. Toxins cause inflammation of them and stop oxidative metabolism, but allows fermentation to continue. Fungal infection spreads following inflammation.
  4. Inflammation causes the immune system to grow a dense fibrous membrane surrounding the infection to contain it and prevent it from spreading. These fibrous growths take the form of a lump, cyst, ulcer, benign growth, pre-cancerous lesion, etc. X-rays spot them because of increased density.
  5. A break in or injury to the fibrous membrane results in the autonomic immune system response to repair the injury by making adjacent membrane cells multiply rapidly.

Lack of Healing Causes Unrestrained Growth

  1. During the process of doubling, the adjacent cells are infected and mutated by the toxins and pathogens so that offspring cells fail to knit with parent cells and fail to heal the injury.
  2. Lack of healing traps the repair of injury process in high gear duplicating the infected membrane cells and the pathogens inside them. That’s cancer!
  3. Rapid doubling of pathogens within cells produces the growth hormone essential for rapid doubling of human cells.
  4. With the first doubling of adjacent normal cells, two new cancer cells are formed and one less parent cell remains. Membrane cells appear to be consumed but they are just being.converted. That’s why they retain some of their original membrane traits and farm tumors. With each additional doubling, cancer cells lose human traits, gain the capacity to duplicate faster, and appear more aggressive.
  5. Fungi produce growth factors for membrane cells (like tire skin of mushrooms), but not produce growth factors for other human tissue. That’s why bane cancer does not result in bone growth, and lung cancer does not result in lung tissue, etc, Since leukocytes do not normally farm membranes, leukemia does not form tumors. As you see, fungal control of a mass of human cells can explain all known observations about cancer, thereby proving it is the cause of cancer. For complete details with documentation see CANCER,

Cause, Cure arid Cover-up (CCC).

Membrane Walls Are Broken By Parasites and Injury

Parasitic flukes and worms and their larvae stages cause injuries and infection by burrowing into or through membrane walls. Biopsies, exploratory surgery, mammogram pressure, and physical injuries can break a membrane. Toxins and nutritional deficiencies in minerals or essential ails can cause membrane defects. Hardened arteries can release blood into storage vessels producing trapped blood clots that support fungal growth. The common denominator that leads to cancer is the development of a fibrous growth (neoplasm) to stop the spread of inflammation.

Suppressed Cancer Research Proves Parasites Cause Cancer

In 1926, Dr. J. Fibiger of Denmark received the Nobel Prize its Medicine fur initiating cancer in the laboratory. Dr. Fibiger found wild mice with cancer living in a sugar warehouse. The mice were infected with parasites normally found in horses. In 1913, by duplicating these conditions, Dr. Fibiger initiated cancer in mice and rats in the laboratory. Dr. Fibiger proved cancer is a parasitic and infectious disease because he knowingly transmitted the parasites to the mice and rats to cause cancer. Cancer developed because the mice had weak immunity due to their high sugar diet. Can you believe it? Thousands of people knew as early as 1926 that parasites can cause cancer but no follow-up research appears to have been done to this day. See Internet under Nobel Prizes for details. (See CCC pages 260, 202, 251, 256,


The following diagram (#9 of 67 illustrations) is from the out-of-print medical text Animals Parasitic In Man by Geoffrey Lapage. Notice how parasitic roundworms cause internal injury and infection throughout the body. Worms are infected with fungi. Fungi feed on parasitic wastes allowing fungi to invade adjacent cells causing inflammation and fibrous growths.

  1. Proof That Injuries Trigger Rapid Growth

In Cancer Part One, we observed how cancer occurs when the repair of injury process becomes trapped in high gear, multiplying infected cells that fail to repair the injury. Rapid growth is not a symptom of genetic defects. Rapid growth is an all-natural process to repair injuries.

Dr. R. Becker Proved An Energy Field Initiates New Growth

Dr. Robert Becker connected a miniature battery to the stub of an experimental rat’s leg and the rat re-grew most of the amputated tissue and bones. He measured the current-of-injury to be an ionic energy field produced by the body. It is not a measurable current of energy but a measurable field of energy that surround the injury much like a magnetic field surrounds a magnet. The strength of the field of energy is in direct proportion to the size of the injury, the vitality of the body, and the urgency or life-threatening danger. Just as fear or fright causes the heart to beat faster, the same type of energy causes membrane cells adjacent to an injury to double rapidly. Genes are not involved in the sudden release of energy for the fight or flight response or for the repair of injury process. (See pages 173-176).

The Current-of-Injury Triggers Cell Division

The fact that a current-of-injury initiates rapid growth for tissue repair is common knowledge within mainstream medicine. Hospitals apply an energy field to crushed bones in order to increase rate of growth and repair. An ECG (electrocardiogram) measures the current-of-injury following a heart attack. This energy field is all that is needed to explain the rapid-growth capacity of all cancer cells. Indeed, it is the only means to explain rapid doubling and growth of mature cells in adults. In infants, high levels of human growth hormone will cause rapid growth of normal cells, but these cells will not grow out-of-control as tumors. Only infected cells controlled by fungal enzymes become fermentative out-of-control cancer cells (See pages 165-188).

Parasites Initiate the Inflammatory Process

Parasites include microscopic living; organisms that invade human cells and cause disease as well, as larger organisms such as worms and flukes that injure membranes. Inflammation starts with a mass of mature cells after they become infected with virus, bacteria. fungi or larvae stages of flukes and worms (pathogens). Hereditary and genetic factors, nutritional deficiencies, stress, lifestyle, parasitic worms and flukes, chemical toxins, blood clots and all so-called ‘carcinogens’ contribute to the process of infection. Notice that none of these cause rapid growth. In the first stage of cancer, a large mass of infected cells–not a single renegade cell —-becomes locked in the fermentative stage of metabolism under the control of fungal enzymes. Fermentation produces lactic acid and ammonia that is toxic to adjacent tissues.

Inflammation Causes Fibrous Growths

Toxic acids produced from fermentation and aggressive fungal enzymes cause inflammation of adjacent healthy cells. To prevent further damage, the immune system walls off the infected cells with dense fibrous membranes. These membranes become benign growths, lumps, cysts, ulcers, warts or other pre-cancerous lesions. The membrane also blocks off the immune system from attacking the pathogens allowing them to mature inside. Out-of-control growth does not start until something triggers rapid growth of these membrane cells, such as larvae causing injury.

Injuries Trigger Rapid Doubling of Membrane Cells

Just as an injury breaking the cuter skin triggers rapid doubling of the adjacent mature skin cells to repair the injury, a break in the membrane walls of a pre-cancerous lesion triggers rapid doubling of a mass of membrane cells to repair the break. The autonomic repair-of-injury process, not defective genes, causes membrane cells to multiply rapidly. Parasitic flukes, worms, or larvae cause injury by burrowing into or eating through membrane walls and pre-cancerous lesions. Exploratory surgery, biopsies, or rupture of an infected organ or benign growth also cause injury. Kidney stones and gall-bladder stones injure ducts causing inflammation. Hardened arteries break under stress forming internal blood clots with blood sugars that feed fungi.

That’s why inflammation, unexplained bleeding, pre cancerous lesions and injuries that do not heal are associated with cancer. Repair-of-injury is the only biological process the body has that can explain how and why mature cells multiply rapidly, Since everyone has this capacity, no one is immune to cancer.

All cancer theories that fail to explain rapid doubling and unrestrained growth of cancer cells are incomplete and therefore unproven. Theories claiming that stress, shock, fatigue, carcinogens, mutagens, defective genes, or pollutants cause cancer cannot explain rapid growth.

Leukemia results from fungal infected white blood cells, called leukocytes. White blood cells do not form membranes so leukemia does not form tumors. All types of cancer can be accounted for by viewing cancer cells as a mass of fungal infected mature (differentiated) human cells.

Lack of Healing Results in Unrestrained Growth

Lack of healing traps the injury repair mechanism in high gear duplicating membrane cells. Infected cells do not knit with adjacent normal cells and are rejected, much like a skin graft that does not take. With each doubling, infected membrane cells lose human, traits and acquire more primitive traits allowing cells to multiply faster and become more aggressive. Other types of tissue such as flesh and bone are absorbed through the fungal process of fermentation but do not grow out-of-control because fungi do not have growth factors for bones and muscle tissue. Cancer is described as a mass of membrane-like cells multiplying rapidly and out of control because cancer starts with a mass of infected membrane cells. It follows logically that a single infected or mutated cell cannot cause cancer because a single infected cell. cannot cause inflammation sufficient to develop a fibrous growth or pre-cancerous lesion. A single cell lacks the necessary growth hormones and energy field required for rapid growth to become a cancer cell on its own. The inability of infected cells to knit and heal explains unrestrained growth of a mass of infected cells. No additional genetic research is necessary to explain cancer.

Rejecting Indoctrination and False Medical Dogma

According to mainstream medicine, cancer is not an infectious or communicable disease. They claim the high frequency of cancer occurring in family members is based on inherited genetic defects.

The apparent hereditary nature of cancer can be better explained by recognizing family members have inherited the same parasites by living in the same household. In addition, they have inherited the same lifestyle and metabolic background and food choices. Inherited lifestyle factors that lead to inflammation explains hereditary cancer observations far better than the theories of inherited defective genes that mysteriously cause rapid growth.

Mainstream medicine rejected the microbial cause of cancer about 1905, after the germ theory was established. A critical error led to researchers concluding cancer was not an infectious microbial disease because they could not initiate cancer by the transfer of so-called cancer microbes.

The Critical Error in the Germ Theory

According to the germ theory, infectious disease must pass four tests before being classed as microbial.

1.. Microbes must be found in the person with the disease.

  1. Microbes must be isolated and grown in culture.
  2. Microbes must produce the disease when transferred into a healthy experimental animal.
  3. Microbes must be recoverable from the experimental animal.

The critical error in these tests is use of healthy animals, which did not take into account the capacity of the healthy immune system to destroy the injected microbes and thereby prevent inflammation and growth of pre-cancerous lesions. The cancer microbe theory lost favor because it could not pass test three. Modern texts still list cancer as a non-infectious disease even though fungal infections are associated with all cancers. A communicable disease is defined as any disease caused by a microorganism or parasite that can be transmitted (directly or indirectly) from one person or animal to another, Cancer can be classified as an infectious communicable disease if inflammation occurs from transmitted parasites or larvae. Dr. Fibiger initiated  cancer in laboratory mice by feeding them parasites, thereby proving the parasitic route to cancer is communicable. Ninety to 95% of cervical cancers contain DNA of the communicable human papilloma virus. This explains why virus is often associated with cancer. Virus damage tissue allowing fungi to invade. Cancer is primarily a result of acquired immune system deficiency that allows infection to take hold. Cancer is also an environmental disease if workplace toxins or pollutants such as asbestos or tobacco smoke damages lung tissue. Cancer can be a nutritional deficiency disease if internal bleeding occurs due to membrane weakness. Cancer can also start from physical injuries if fungal infection of damaged tissue or trapped blood clots leads to inflammation and benign growths. The single common denominator of all these cancer causes is fungal infection and inflammation of a mass of mature membrane cells.

The Cancer Epidemic Explained

Cancer now strikes aver 6 million people per year with cancer rates increasing faster in the developed countries than in the third world countries. Globalization of parasites and pathogens, rapid travel, increased population density, and weakened immune systems, due mainly to abuse of antibiotics, can account for the world’s cancer epidemic. Obviously, the epidemic is just beginning. People are now eating excessive amounts of sugars and processed fats. Sugar feeds fungi and creates mineral imbalance. Processed fats weaken cell-wall integrity allowing injury, infection and inflammation to occur. Factors that weaken the immune system allowing inflammation to occur should be classified as a direct cause of cancer. Unfortunately, this vital information is being withheld from the public, thereby allowing the cancer epidemic to go unchecked. (See pages 32, 73-78, 230-236, 247),

Fungalbionics and the Fungal Cause of Cancer

Same medical doctors are now openly claiming fungi cause all cancers but to no avail. Dr. A. V. Costantini, M.D., farmer lead of the World Health Organization Center far Mycotoxins in Food, has written and published a aeries of books tailed Fungaibionics. Volume 2, first published in 1994 is entitled: The Fungal/Mycotoxin Etiology of Human Disease, CANCER:

Mycotoxins are toxins such as the poison in poison mushrooms. Many stored grains, sugars, and yeast-processed foods contain mycotoxins that initiate infections or blisters leading to cancer. For example sugar curing of tobacco, a fungal process, laces tobacco with residual mycotoxins that lead to lung infections and lung cancer. Dr. Costantini writes: “every dietary measure or drug found to be effective in treating cancer and all degenerative diseases share nothing in common except that they are all antifungal and/or antimycotoxic.”

See Internet under Fungalbionics for further details concerning Dr. Costantini’s outstanding, but largely ignored research.

Dr. Warburg Explained Why Cancer Cells Grow Rapidly

Nobel Prize winner, Dr. Otto Warburg, demonstrated in the 1920’s that all cancer cells ferment sugars in the same low-oxygen process as is used by fungi. Rapid growth is controlled by factors outside of the genes such as the supply of energy, nutrients and growth hormones Fungal controlled cells conserve all nutrients for growth and fungi produce the essential growth hormone for growth of epithelial cells. This explains the continuous rapid growth capacity of cancer cells (See pages 54-62; 288-289).

Royal Rife’s Powerful Microscope Destroyed

In the 1930’s, Royal Rife developed a microscope capable of viewing living fungal parasites in cancer cells. He cured cancer by eliminating the fungi. The fact that his equipment was destroyed by medical authorities, rather than adapted by them, can be explained only by admitting that a cancer cover-up was in progress (See Page 330). See Internet for more details.

Growth Hormone Is Essential For Rapid Growth

Live cancer cells sold for laboratory research will be viable but will not multiply without the addition of a growth hormone. Obviously, cancer cells do not have cell cycles that cause doubling of cells as some theories suggest. These cancer cells, which presumably must have defective genes, should multiply spontaneously if defective genes cause cancer. But they do not. Calf blood serum-containing vital growth hormone – is regularly added to the growth medium to initiate DNA and cell division. It follows that cancer can be prevented and cured by eliminating growth hormones.

Oncologists recognize EGF (epithelial growth factor) regulates the growth of cancer cells of epithelial (membrane) sources. They claim they cannot identify the source. They describe cancers as having “insulin-like growth factor” or thy see “growth factors of unknown origin”. However, they know DNA is universal in ail life forms and DNA polymerase-the growth factor that assembles DNA into strings-is universal. They also know growth hormone from bacteria is harvested to supplement human growth hormone. Obviously, growth factors from parasitic creatures resident in our tumors, infected organs and cancer cells could easily be the unknown source.

Parasites Produce the Growth Hormone Required For Cancer

Research indicates that cancer tumors release excess growth hormone. Membrane cells, which make up to 96% of all cancer tumor cells, do not produce growth hormone. Obviously, cancer researchers should recognize that parasites inside the cancer cells or tumor must be the source of the growth hormone required for rapid cancer growth. Fungi have been observed by Royal Rife (1930’s) as the parasitic source for this growth hormone but this research is ignored.

How can qualified cancer researchers claim “insulin-like growth factor” or “growth factors of unknown origin” but never say “growth factor from parasites”? Medical textbooks on cancer do not have references to fungi or parasites as a possible cause of cancer. How can they ignore hundreds of observations that infection and inflammation lead to cancer and at the same time assert that cancer is not a microbial disease? A cover-up is the only logical answer. (See pages 108-112; 328-331).

Cancer Starts With A Mass Of Mature Cells

There is no proof that thousands of new cancer cells originate daily as renegade cells but are quickly destroyed by a healthy immune system. Obviously the cells are destroyed before cancer researchers can examine them and prove they are cancerous. Moreover, there is no way to distinguish a rapidly growing embryonic normal cell from a cancer cell. Cancer cells are said to dedifferentiate, meaning they lose their human traits. Obviously, cancer occurred after the cells had differentiated and functioned normally, Cancer starts in mature cells.

The Cancer Research Institute of Paris finds the only substance inside cells to characterize cancer cells from normal cells is isolated fat. Fungi feed only on carbon. Fungal controlled fermentative cells do not make or use fat. Isolated fat in cancer cells proves cancer developed in mature cells that formerly had the capacity to produce and use fat. Cancer does not start with individual renegade embryonic cells as we are being told in mainstream cancer literature. (See pages 303-307).,

Defective human genes have nothing to do with causing cancer except in allowing inflammation to develop. Genes produce enzymes for metabolism and enzymes to attack and destroy invaders. If these genes are defective or the cytoplasm of the cell polluted or undernourished, the person will be more susceptible to infection and inflammation. DNA would appear defective, but in reality other factors are the cause. To prevent and cure cancer, eliminate the causes of infection, inflammation and the source of fungal growth hormone. Ultraviolet light, heating, freezing, zapping, bacterial enzymes, laetrile, amino acids, vibration frequencies, herbs, and increased oxygen levels can destroy fungi or the growth hormone.

If benign growths exist prevent injury to them, and if rapid growth occurs eliminate the fungal growth hormone essential for rapid growth. Cleanse the body of toxins and parasites, support the immune system, and support the body nutritionally to build enzymes, hormones and new cells.

All of the above information is found in published research. The concepts are developed in more detail with supporting data in the book CANCER, Cause, Cure and Cover-up. As the data accumulates; it becomes inconceivable that a cancer cover-up is not in progress. (See pages 91-92;112-117.

Dr. Hulda Clark, Ph.D., N.D. author of The Cure for All Cancers upon reading CANCER, Cause Cure and Cover-up wrote to say: ..,you may well be ahead of us with your concept that tumor growth is basically just fungal in nature. That is, the fungal takeover of a piece of tissue. We regularly find fungus involved, making at least 3 mycotoxins that are noted for generating tumors and causing cancer,”

  1. Types of Cancer Explained

Tumor Forming and Non-tumor Forming Cancers

All cancers are caused by the infection of normal cells. Up to 96% of cancer cells have dense membrane type traits because they originate from injuries to dense membranes. Cancer does not result in rapid growth of bone of muscle tissue because fungi do nor have growth factors for bone= or muscles. Since infections and injuries cause cancer, all cancers should be identified and classified by the cause of inflammation (pollutants, parasites, injury, etc.) as well as by the cause of injury. In this way we could focus on eliminating the specific causes, Location of the cancer and the type of original membrane are secondary issues.

Leukemia is A Fungal Disease

Leukernia-fungal infection of leukocytes-does not form tumors because leukocytes do not knit to form membranes. Fungal infected white blood cells do not grow rapidly because they do not stay within a current-of-injury. Medical data shows that three leukemia patients taking medication for fungal infections, cured their leukemia. The doctors remain puzzled but no follow-up research has been done. (See page 91).

Why Normal Cells Grow Slower Than Fungal Controlled Cells

Rate of growth under ideal conditions is functionally dependent upon growth hormones and nutrients released into the cytoplasm (liquid portion of the cell) through metabolism. The Krebs or citric-acid cycle describes the metabolic process that converts glucose into ATP (adenosine triphosphate) for storage of energy. The complete metabolic process occurs in 2 places within the cell. Fermentation of glucose and other nutrients takes place in the cytoplasm within the cell walls. Fermentation releases hydrogen protons required for energy production and isolates amino acids required for growth. Enzymes transport the hydrogen protons and amino acids to where they are needed in the cell. That’s how enzymes control the function of cells and why fungi and yeast that ferment sugars can take over cell function. That’s why excess sugar consumption leads to cancer. In normal cells, enzymes produced by human genes deliver these hydrogen protons to the mitochondria- the energy producing organelles within the cytoplasm -to complete the Krebs cycle. In adults with normal oxidative metabolism, a large portion of the nutrients are converted into ATP as energy storage units and exported to all parts of the body. Food nutrients are not conserved for growth but are used for physical activities.

In fungal infected cells, enzymes produced by fungi capture the available hydrogen protons and amino acids thereby conserving them for fungal growth. That’s why fungal infected cells can multiply and grow more rapidly than normal oxidative cells. That’s why cancer patients have no energy and become mentally confused.

War With Enzymes For Control of the Cell

In cancer cells, human genes are not defective, cellular communication with the body is not disrupted, and mitochondria are not defective, Instead, the citric acid cycle is stopped in the first stage due to the lack of hydrogen protons reaching the mitochondria. No defective genes are involved. Fungi take control of metabolism and growth of the cell locking it in the fermentative stage with rapid growth directed by fungal growth hormones. That’s cancer.

According to mainstream medicine, there are no significant differences by which cancer cells can be attacked except the rate of growth between normal cells and cancer cells. That’s why chemotherapy drugs are designed to interfere with DNA duplication and thereby kill all rapidly growing cells..

The problem with destroying all rapidly growing cells is that new cells are rewired to heal the injury and turn off the current of injury. Loss of healing explains why chemotherapy is not an effective method for curing cancer. Destroying the immune system simply allows fungal infections to grow more rapidly.

Low Oxygen Levels Are Required for Cancer

Cancer occurs only where anaerobic fungi can proliferate. Anaerobic fungi are primitive life forms that cannot produce enzymes to use oxygen and are destroyed by high levels of oxygen. Superficial surface wounds to the skin do not become cancerous because of oxygen in the air. We do not have cancer of the heart, arteries or veins because of high oxygen levels in circulating blood. Increasing cellular oxygen levels provides a  means to control cancer, That’s why ozone therapy helps cure cancer and why ozone therapy is banned in North America.

Carcinomas Explained

Oxygen rich fluids or blood do not circulate inside organs where food and waste or other body liquids are stored. The low oxygen levels allow fungi to thrive in storage vessels and ducts.

Carcinomas are cancers that occur in storage vessels such as the colon, breast, prostate, bladder, lymphatic system and so on. L.ung cancer occurs in membrane tissue with oxygen walled off by layers of tar from smoking or in areas not adjacent to airflow. The low-oxygen level allows parasites and fermentative cells to thrive and form tumors, which grow into the storage area, In time, organs swell up, much like blisters, and burst from pressure within thereby initiating repair of injury.

Sarcomas Explained

Sarcomas are cancers occurring in ligaments, bone or muscle tissue. Brittle arteries, parasites, or a break in the membrane wall of an artery or vein from a physical injury, results in internal bleeding and blood clots becoming trapped in injured tissue. Trapped blood contains blood sugars and proteins. Fungi feed on these trapped nutrients, gain a foothold, and Invade the adjacent cells.

The body’s ongoing attempt to repair the injury causes rapid growth anti tumors. That’s why injuries that do not heal cause sarcoma 7.

Skin, Lymphoma and Breast Cancers Explained

Skin contains many sweat and oil glands and ducts that are low-oxygen storage vessels. Sunburn and radiation result in injury to skin cells and cause cancer of the skin that takes hold in these low-oxygen storage vessels. Breast cancers are classified as ductal, lobular, and skin cancer. These are three low-oxygen storage areas in the breast that allow blood clots and toxins to accumulate and fungal growth to thrive.

Chemical toxins deposited in the breast lobes and ducts or in the lymphatic system allow fermentation to occur and provide fungi with a foothold to invade adjacent tissue. Similarly lymph nodes that swell from excess toxins restrict lymph flow and become infected. That’s why lymphatic exercises such as rowing or rebounding on a mini trampoline are so effective in preventing and curing breast and lymphatic cancer,

20  5. False Claims About Gene Function

Is it possible that thousands of brilliant cancer researchers educated in genetics could make the following scientifically absurd claims? I don’t think so. They Claim Genes Control All Life Functions of the Cell

The cornerstone of the defective gene theory of cancer is that human genes control all cell functions in the cell by determining what structure, chemicals and enzymes will be synthesized. By presenting genes as a mysterious force endowed with power to determine synthesis, the medical establishment places the cause of cancer on human genetic defects.

However, human genes do not control ALL enzymes produced within infected cells. Pathogens also produce enzymes; the production of which is not controlled by human genes. That’s why human cells can be invaded and taken over by fungal enzymes. That’s how fungi contribute to the cancer process. It is simply irresponsible to claim human genes control all enzymes in infected cells or to assume infections are secondary to rapid growth.

They Claim New Cancer Cells Occur Every Day

The defective gene theory assumes that millions of new cancer cells develop by chance-or defective oncogenes due to damage from carcinogens. They claim the reason why 96°% of cancer cells have membrane traits is due to membrane cells being replaced more frequently than other cells. The healthy immune system normally attacks and destroys these renegade cells. Cancer tumors start from renegade cells that escape detection by the immune system.

Obviously, the theory has never been proven, and cannot be proven because the so-called renegade cancer cells are destroyed before researchers can determine that they were multiplying rapidly and out-of-control. in reality, cells of the tongue are replaced far more frequently without frequent incidence of cancer. Moreover, the continued existence of other known defective gene conditions proves that the immune system does not even attack human cells with normal or defective genes.

Amazingly, there is no proof in biochemistry that the immune system attacks normal cells to cause autoimmune diseases. It’s only a theory. People with healthy immune systems are being treated with toxic drugs to weaken the immune system for over 80 so-called autoimmune diseases that are microbial or due to toxins and nutritional deficiencies.

They Claim Genes Give the Wrong Signals

Genes are stable protein crystals assembled according to electromagnetic forces within atoms. There is nothing in the structure of genes that gives them the power to send signals. Electromagnetic forces and enzymes cause atoms present in the cytoplasm to duplicate the DIVA structure into RNA. Messenger RNA carries the only message genes give. The message is how to make amino acids by duplication the crystal. Genes cannot give wrong signals to initiate rapid growth and out-of-control growth as we are told they can (See pages 127-161).

They Claim Growth Hormone Receptors Cause Breast Cancer

According to this prominent theory, since cancer is out of control growth, defective genes that produce too many growth hormone receptors in the cell wall cause breast cancer. The defective genes are even named as HERI and HER2-Human Epidermal growth factor Receptor. Women with a family history of cancer, who think they have defective genes, are having their healthy breasts removed to prevent cancer. To slow cancer growth, a weekly dose of the drug Herceptin is used to block the receptors. The drug is not a cure, but a means to prevent growth.

The excess growth receptor theory is false because it fails to explain the fermentative metabolism of cancer cells. The use of growth hormone supplements harvested from bacteria shows that all cells develop more growth hormone receptors in response to an increase in growth hormone supplement in the blood. The growth hormone, on its own, does not cause cancer because rapid cancer growth depends on fungal growth factors.

Normal growth and maturation of organs used for reproduction. have normal genes that cause an increase in growth hormone receptors for normal development. A natural increase in growth hormone receptors allows breasts to develop rapidly in young women as they mature. Rapid growth does not cause cancer unless the cell becomes trapped in fermentative metabolism by fungal invaders.

They Claim Genes Control Genes

“Oncogenes” are theoretical genes that control other genes. However, all genes are limited to 64 possible combinations of 2 equal base-pairs in groups of 3. These combinations make up the Universal

Genetic Code found in all living things. All combinations have been found and none control other genes or initiate or stop growth. All 64 combinations produce protein building blocks called amino acids. The theory that cancer is caused by out-of-control oncogenes with loss of suppressor genes is blatant false medical dogma inconsistent with science. (See 118-125).

They Claim Genes “Cause” Cells to Multiply

Genetic engineering and gene splicing is based on the fact that genes direct or control what enzymes or proteins are produced. Gene bases do not produce anything that causes cells to multiply. If they did, we would know the genes that cause cancer.

Genes cannot divide arid multiply without factors such as growth hormone and ionic energy provided by the life-force that animates the body. That’s why viruses can only multiply inside a living cell.

Genes do not have the capacity to “cause” any disease except by failure to supply amino acids for structural proteins and the protein portion of functional enzymes. The great majority of these defects occur due to lack of minerals, excessive acidity, or pollutants and parasites resident in the cytoplasm of the cell.

They Claim Many Kinds of Cancer Exist

Cancer is a mass of cells multiplying rapidly and out of control due to fungal enzymes in the cytoplasm of the cell. All observed traits of the cancer process and types of cancer can be explained by this theory. Cancer may occur in different parts of the body, and be caused by any number of toxins, injuries or fungal species, but the end result is the fungal control of a mass of human cells.

Cancer in infants and young children may occur without injury and inflammation due to infection of the fetus. Research data shows that the immune system accepts as self any infections that occur to the fetus during pregnancy or to the child shortly after birth. Researchers believe that Sudden Infant Death’s occur because of fungal toxins. Children with this immune system deficiency may develop cancer without injury because the fungi are free to take over a mass of cells and take control of metabolism and growth. Infants have an abundance of human growth hormone which causes rapid growth. Human cells that are invaded and infected at the rapid-growth embryonic stage will lack normal membrane-cell characteristics, giving childhood cancers a more bizarre appearance than commonly found in adult cancers.

There appears to be only one kind of tumor-producing cancer–a mass of fungal infected membrane cells multiplying rapidly and out of control. Cancer in cells that do not normally form membranes, such as leukocytes, are still a mass of fungal infected cells. Dr. Costantini identifies specific fungi to be associated with specific cancers. Just as fungi can grow a mushroom complete with arteries and veins, fungi can grow tumors complete with arteries and veins. Dr. Clark identifies specific parasites and toxins to be associated with specific organs. This data helps account for the variety of cancers by location and the apparent hereditary traits of some cancers.

The Hopelessness of Genetic Cancer Research

There exists a fundamental principle that equals added to equals produce totals that are equal (a + b = a + b). In other words, you cannot make controller genes out of equal gene-bases.

Since all genes consist of only two base-pairs, called A-T and C-G, in combinations of three, all combinations result in genes of equal power. Only 64 possible combinations, known as the Universal Genetic code, are possible and all have been carefully researched. There is no possibility of finding oncogenes or growth suppressor genes that cause cancer when mutated by carcinogens.

Increased funding for genetic cancer research simply creates false hope, wastes billions of dollars, and will never help find the true cause of cancer. Rapid cancer-cell growth is not a symptom of genetic defects. Rapid growth of fungal controlled cells, driven by the repair-of-injury process, causes cancer. As long as cancer researchers focus on the genetic cause of cancer, they will never find the cause. Donating to cancer research only prolongs the fruitless but highly profitable search. That’s why billions of dollars invested in cancer research has not found the cause of cancer.

  1. Who Can You Trust?

Let’s take an open-minded but critical look at the information and the misinformation found in mainstream cancer publications. Is claiming: “We don’t know the cause of cancer” ignorance or a hoax?

If cancer specialists really don’t know the cause of cancer, why do they have a monopoly on treating it? If they don’t know the cause, shouldn’t you take charge of your own health or turn to someone who does know the cause? Why are effective alternative treatments such as ozone and electromagnetic therapy ignored or banned?

Who Can the People Trust?

Throughout history the tribal doctor, shaman, or “medicine man,” has maintained a position of power and wealth by treating, rather than preventing disease. Modern medical associations have not abandoned this highly profitable business practice. Eliminating the cause of disease is not considered good business practice.

Mainstream medical associations have a monopoly on government healthcare policies, and a monopoly on public funds for health care. They also control and manipulate public opinion through massive drug advertising budgets that buy control of the Media. Amazingly, the people who profit most from public health care policy and public funding are in total control of regulating and profiting from it.

There are no incentives to cut costs or watchdogs to control spending. They control human perceptions by misinformation and propaganda. Perceptions become reality even if they are false, if your perceptions about disease are based solely on the medical monopoly, you are allowing yourself to be deceived.

Treating Cancer Patients Is A Business Monopoly

There are numerous cancer cures suppressed from the marketplace. One of the most notable is that of Canadian nurse Rene Caisse, developer of Essiac. She was regulated to stop terminal cancer patients back in the 1940’s on the basis she was practicing medicine without a license. The medical license is the basis for a business monopoly that serves only the interest of the medical profession and does great harm to the public.

In the book, Essence of Essiac by author Sheila Snow, we learn that the combination of herbs in this herbal tea formula provide trace minerals, as well as antifungal and antiparasitic plant enzymes.

That’s why it prevents and cures cancer. After 70 years of beneficial low-cost results found from taking Essiac, this formula is not an approved treatment for cancer and Medicare does not cover cost of product. The list of products approved for Medicare indicates that the drug cartel controls health care policies and therefore healthcare itself. Drugs designed to destroy all rapidly growing cells are approved for cancer treatment, but herbs designed to stop rapid growth of cancer cells only are not.

The Current-of-Injury that Initiates Rapid Growth is Common Medical Knowledge

As we noted earlier, an ECG (electrocardiogram) measures the current-of-injury following a heart attack, Hospitals apply an equivalent energy field to crushed bones in order to increase growth and repair. Dr. Robert Becker proved electrical energy initiates growth. This energy field is all that is needed to explain the rapid-growth of cancer cells and explain what triggers rapid growth of a pre-cancerous lesion. With such an obvious solution to the problem of rapid growth in cancer cells, why do we never hear about researching rapid growth due to injury as the cause of cancer?

Edgar Cayce Identified Internal Injuries as the Cause of Cancer in the 1930’s

Edgar Cayce is known as America’s “Sleeping Profit” because he could repeatedly predict future events and cure people from information he received as “readings” during a trance-like state.

According to author Jess Stern, Cayce described the cause of cancer as follows:

“Ulcer is rather that of flesh being proud of infectious, while cancer is that which lives upon the cellular force of growth itself.” “The dreaded sarcoma,” he said, “was caused by breaking of tissue internally which was not covered sufficiently by the leukocytes due to low vitality of the system.”

In other words “ulcers” are a mass of infected tissue, but sarcoma’s are caused by “breaking of tissues internally” when the immune system has “low vitality”. Cancer lives upon the “cellular force of growth” which is the current-of-injury causing cells to multiply. Edgar Cayce correctly described the cause of cancer in this 1930’s reading (See page 188).

Outside of Edgar Cayce, none of my research in scientific or medical libraries revealed any attempt to research how low immune system function, infection, injury and the repair-of-injury process might explain the process of cancer. How can something so simple and obvious have been missed?

If you have reservations that the cause of cancer has not been discovered, and you have read CANCER, Cause, Cure and Coverup for the complete details, I would like to hear from you. If you can challenge the theory with scientific data, I will be more than delighted to learn the truth. I would much sooner be proven wrong about the cause of cancer than live with the belief that millions of people are dying needlessly due to a cover-up.

Take Control of Your Own Health

Dedicated young men and women who enter the medical profession with good intentions to serve mankind soon find themselves bound by the industry. They are forced to do the best they can with what they are allowed to use. Medical doctors do not have freedom of choice to use alternative medicine. They are as helpless as the public is to change the system. That’s why numerous cancer clinics exist in Mexico or other countries. Our dedicated doctors need public support in order to change the system.

If medication they must use is designed to destroy all rapidly growing cells to cure cancer, or destroy your immune system to stop so-called autoimmune diseases, take time to ask questions and get some answers. It’s your health, your body, and your right to do so.

  1. Eliminate Fungal Growth Hormone 27

Cancer cells used for laboratory research will not multiply without a growth hormone. It follows that you can stop cancer growth in your body by eliminating the growth hormone essential for rapid growth. Since the growth hormone is produced by parasites, destroying the parasites eliminates the source.

If your oncologist recommended a parasite cleanse to help prevent or cure cancer, would you take it? If he fails to recommend it, due to the politics of health care, does that mean you should not take it?

When we review the data, and review the sad history of business monopolies taking advantage of public funds, and apply common sense, we can conclude only that the Cancer Industry does not want to find the cause of cancer. That’s why cancer researchers focus only on genetics. They will never find the cause of cancer.

Our first response is to say I don’t believe this. I don’t want to hear it. It can’t be true. I refuse to be torn apart and angered by the human suffering caused by this horrendous activity, Millions of people have suffered and died painful deaths. Millions more will die, including my relatives. It cannot be true. I refuse to believe it. However, when cancer strikes home, the problem must be faced. Should we rely on products and treatments approved by the business monopoly. Why are we restricted to the approved cancer therapies given by people who openly admit they do not know the cause of cancer?

Should we try to prevent infection, inflammation, and rapid growth on our own? Should we allow exploratory surgery to initiate rapid growth, wait until the infected membrane breaks on its own, or do something about it? After cancer diagnoses, should we wait weeks and months for approved cancer therapy or eliminate the growth hormone immediately by destroying the source?

Knowing that cancer is a combination of infection, inflammation and injury enables one to attack the cancer process at each of these stages. Metabolic problems, nutritional deficiencies, dental amalgams, loss of immune system function, lifestyle, pollutants, parasites and mycotoxins lead to infections and inflammation. Thousands of people have cured themselves of cancer by eliminating the causes. Thousands more have tried but failed because they missed the causes. Is it worth a try? What do you have to lose if you are waiting for approved treatment?

Prevent and Cure Cancer by Eliminating the Causes

Mainstream cancer treatments radiate and poison the mass of infected cancer cells stopping all new cell growth as a means of stopping cancer. Surgery, such as amputation of a leg or breast, removes the inflammation and infected mass of human flesh but at great cost to the body. Are such aggressive treatments necessary to win the war of enzymes for control of the cell?

Why not attack only the pathogens and eliminate the cause of infection, inflammation and rapid growth? Why not avoid injuries to benign growths that trigger cancer. Why not cleanse the body of toxins and stop ingesting them? When the cytoplasm of cells is cleansed of pathogenic enzymes, normal fermentation of glucose will release hydrogen protons for the mitochondria, reactivate the citric acid cycle, stop rapid growth and produce healthy new cells to repair injuries. This is the preferred method to prevent and cure cancer.

Prevent Infections through Parasite Cleansing

Parasites normally resident in animals such as pigs, fish, pets and cattle use man as an intermediary stage. Eggs hatch in human tissue or body fluids, and larvae burrow into membrane walls. As they mature, larvae eat their way out of the body to continue their life cycle in their normal host. Larvae exit their hosts via the urinary system, reproductive organs or colon by eating their way out.

This causes injury and infection. That’s why a large number of cancers initiate in these organs of elimination or reproduction. Perhaps, that’s why polyps grow into the colon and look like mushrooms.

Killing these parasitic larvae eliminates the cause of injury.

There is a lot more to preventing or curing cancer than taking a parasite cleanse, but nothing else is as important. Parasitic round worms, flukes and tapeworms are themselves infected with parasitic virus, bacteria and fungi. Parasites cause infections as well as injuries. A parasite cleanse requires eliminating all life stages of flukes and worms to eliminate the parasitic reservoir of virus, fungus and bacteria. No single drug or small quantity of herbs is capable of eliminating all parasites and pathogens. However, a combination of cloves, black walnut and wormwood (about 100 capsules of each), taken over a period of about 20 days has proven quite successful. In stubborn cases, it is important to do a combination colon and parasite cleanse to eliminate residual fecal matter encrusted on the colon wall. A kidney and a liver cleanse may also be required to revive the function of these organs. If the cleansing process does not succeed immediately, the problem may be related to reinfection and continued ingestion of toxins. Dental amalgams and aluminum cookware, for example, load cells with toxic metals.

Do you have parasites? Having your feces tested for parasites is inadequate because parasites also reside in body fluids, organs and muscle tissue. If you are ill, toxins and parasites can be assumed to be part of the problem.

Microbial parasites that invade cells include viruses, bacteria and fungi. Single celled parasites called protozoa and animals called flukes, flat worms, roundworms, tapeworms and pinworms also reside in our bodies. In many cases, eliminating the larger animal-type parasite will cure a viral infection as well, as has been the case with HIV. Check the Internet for parasites in man to learn more about them.

What Does an Herbal Parasite Cleanse Involve?

The following charts are included here to describe safe and effective method of doing an herbal parasite cleanse with herbs recognized for their safety and effectiveness. These are: (1) freshly ground clove capsules to kill eggs and cysts, (2) green-hull American black walnut tincture or freeze-dried capsules to kill larvae stages, and (3) wormwood blended with other herbs known to expel parasites from the colon.

All natural plants survive in viral and fungal infected outdoor air and bacterial infected soils. They have developed antifungal and anti parasitic defensive enzymes in order to survive. There is nothing dangerous about adding well-known antifungal and anti-parasitic foods to your diet. You simply saturate your body with plant enzymes to help destroy fungi or parasites.

Dr. Hulda Clark’s 20-Day Cleanse Program

Chart codes such as 1-1-1-1 means one drop or capsule, four times that day. Cross off dosages as you take them and record date.

Day      Bl. Walnut

1          1 1 1 1

2          2 2 2 2

3          3 3 3 3

4          4 4 4 4

5          5 5 5 5

6          6 6 6 6

7          7 7 7 7

8          8 8 8 8

9          9 9 9 9

10        10 10 10 10

11        11 11 11 11

12        12 12 12 12

13        13 13 13 13

14        14 14 14 14

15        15 15 15 15

16        16 16 16 16

17        17 17 17 17

18          18 18 18 18

19        19 19 19 19

20        20 20 20 20

Usage   App. 30 ml.


Cloves            Wormwood   Date

1 1 1                       1

2 2 2                       2

3 3 3                       3

3 3 3                       4

3 3 3                       5

3 3 3                       6

3 3 3                      7

3 3 3                      8

3 3 3                      9

3 3 3                    10

3                         lI

3                        12

3                        13

3                        14

3                         14

3                         14

111 caps.160 caps.


Dr. Hulda Clark’s Parasite Maintenance Program

We live in a polluted environment. We should maintain a program to support the body in preventing re-infection. After completing a parasite cleanse, take parasite-cleanse herbs on a regular bases to avoid reinfection. Dr. Clark recommends;

Black Walnut: 20 drops daily. (One Black Walnut freeze-dried capsule may be substituted for the tincture).

Cloves: 3 capsules daily

Wormwood            14 capsules twice weekly, like Monday and Thursday (Any two days, 3 or 4 days apart).

Read Dr. Hulda Clark’s books for details and for a list of product sources. Without the important background in her books, you will not be as highly motivated, nor will you fully appreciate the

significance of what your are doing for your health. To download request Fife #7 !1424 words).

  1. Zapping Devices Help Eliminate Parasites

Blood Electrification Patent 5139684, August 1992

What will probably become the greatest medical advancement of the 20tn century-but is now suppressed- will one-day be awarded to medical doctors Kalli Stevens and Peter Schwolsky for patent 5139684.

The patent summary states: “…a system for treatment of blood and/or other body fluids …with electric current flow .,.at a magnitude that is biologically compatible but is sufficient to render the bacteria, virus, and/or fungus ineffective to infect normal healthy cells ….”

Isn’t that incredible! If this patent were implemented by mainstream medicine, we could easily reduce human suffering from disease and save billions of dollars in health care costs. For complete details of the invention see Internet under U.S. patents. Based on this patent, “zappers” costing less than $100 for a basic model to $300 for a deluxe model, safely powered by a household-type 9-volt battery, stop parasites from infecting healthy cells.

Thousands of zappers are in daily use without any incidence of harm or injury.

Here is an effective, safe, drug-free electrical support treatment for all infectious diseases, including Hepatitis C. Why is it suppressed?

Total suppression of this invention has been avoided by publication of methods to build your own zapper. Zappers are not illegal to build, use or sell because they are not dangerous, but making any health claims for them -without the proper medical qualification- is illegal. Medical officials with the proper qualifications to make claims refuse to recognize them. Zapping devices demonstrate the validity of the medical claims in patent 5,139,684 but Canada’s Health Protection Branch (HPB) and the U.S. FDA refuse to allow any health claims to be made for zappers. At least one Canadian supplier is now being regulated by Canada’s Health Protection Branch to stop production of them. See Internet under Health Canada “Electronic Devices” for details on use and regulation of electronic devices.

Zapping Explained

A zapper is an electrical circuit and a nine-volt battery in a box, often about the size of an audiocassette case. Two wires extend from it, with clips that attach to two conductive wristbands or short pieces of copper or steel pipe. A weak alternating electric current, of about 4.5 volts, runs to one of the handholds and returns via the other, By holding these pipes, with the current on, a very weak current flows through your body, as well as through that of the parasites in your body, The tiny parasites can’t take the unnatural electromagnetic fields and die, leaving you with a much smaller parasite load. A zapper does not kill eggs or cysts so you must zap regularly for a minimum 3-week period to kill all stages of parasites in your body. You must also take some herbs to assist the zapper in areas where the current does not reach such as the colon. That’s why zapping does not harm beneficial bacteria, Here’s what a herbal parasite cleanse with zapping requires you to do.

Strike out the doses as you take them. Black walnut (Bl. W.) may be taken as alcohol-based tincture or alcohol free freeze-dried capsules. A code for cloves such as 1-1-1 indicates take one drop or capsule, three times daily. Read Dr. Clark’s books for complete details.

During the cleanse, zap daily, For maintenance, take herbs all at one time once a week with zapping as desired.

If you try this, you will realize that there are no adverse side effects from cleansing pollutants and parasites from the body with this proven method. The medical patent has established the safety in using a suitable electrical current to zap. microbes without harming blood. The current from a nine-volt battery will not harm your tissues.

Government health officials should make zappers compulsory for treating infectious diseases and thereby reduce drug costs. Chronic fatigue, for example, is a fungal disease readily treated with electromagnetic therapy because fungal enzymes and ammonia interfere with nerve supply. Instead, health officials warn people to avoid electronic devices and refuse to approve scientific advancement in health care. As a result, medical costs continue to rise ad governments can no longer provide essential services in healthcare, education and social assistance,

Parasite-Free Maintenance Program Assisted by Zapping


Please read Dr. Clark’s books for complete details.

Zap every day until you feel better and then once or twice weekly. Take herbs once a week. You may take these at different times of the day, or all together, but take them all on the same day.

Black Walnut Extra Strength Tincture            2 teaspoons

Or Black Walnut Freeze Dried Capsules             OR 2 capsules

Wormwood Double Strength Capsules            7 capsules

Cloves  7 capsules

Dr. Clark also recommends carrying a few parasite cleanse capsules with you and taking them immediately after any meals you feel may have upset your stomach. Food poisoning is a fungal or parasitic disease.

  1. Chinese Cancer Hospitals Use Parasite Cleansing

China has an immense cancer problem. After Chinese cancer specialists evaluated different sources, New Action Products was asked to prepared a special 3-bottle alcohol-free parasite cleanse kit consisting of the 3 herbs- cloves, black walnut and wormwood in capsules for use in China. These sample products passed stringent tests allowing them to be imported into China for cancer treatment.

An exclusive long-term agreement has been signed with the Chinese government and a Chinese pharmaceutical company for distribution of NAP Parasite Cleanse Herbs in cancer hospitals. The Chinese medical authorities recognize the importance of adding an effective parasite cleanse to the treatment of cancer patients. The world’s cancer epidemic is primarily an epidemic of parasitic diseases that cause injury to and infection of membrane cells. The more we do to eliminate parasites in foreign countries and the spread of parasites through global trade, the better it will be for all. The worldwide cancer epidemic is just beginning. The pharmaceutically tested Chinese formula prepared exclusively by New Action

Product is available for export to other countries if you wish to import or export same.

The Chinese Recognize the Value of Parasite Cleanses

The fact that Western medicine does not adopt a parasite cleanse program as part of cancer therapy is based on economic reasons, not lack of effectiveness or safety. When the Chinese medical authorities heard about Essiac, the herbal tea formula used successfully to help cure cancer in Canada, they adopted it. In contrast, the Canadian Medical Association protected their business monopoly by charging Rene Caisse, the developer, with practicing medicine without a license.

When the Chinese heard about the Hulda Clark parasite cleanse formula they investigated it and adopted it as well. In contrast, the American medical authorities protected their business monopoly. They attempted to imprison Dr. Clark in 1999 for practicing medicine without a license. Her successful programs are listed as quackery on the Internet. See Internet for details. Only a few medical doctors dare to recommend using them for fear of losing their medical standing.

Information and supplies for these programs or similar ones are available at Health Food Stores and distributed by a large number of businesses. If you find yourself waiting in line for approved

Western cancer treatments, or wish to avoid a relapse, do a parasite cleanse and maintenance program to improve your chances. Remember, the parasite cleanse is not a cancer cure, but it is the most important step in eliminating the source of essential growth hormone that directs cancer growth. To cure cancer, the repair-of-injury process trapped in high gear must be turned off and further incidences of infection, inflammation and injury must be eliminated,

Take the time to educate yourself by reading books so that you can make an informed decision. Learn how to safely eliminate toxins and parasites from your body. The last of these charts describe the easy-to-follow formula used in Chinese cancer hospitals. In this formula, all herbs are in capsules for added convenience.

China Formula 20-Day Cleanse Program (chart Omitted)

A successful parasite cleanse such as this, without zapping, requires you to saturate your body fluids and tissues 24 hours per day for about three-weeks to eliminate all life stages. Don’t expect overnight results. It also requires important diet restrictions from fungal food such as sugar, stored grains,. yeast products such as alcohol, wine, beer, bread and pastry. In addition, you should take nutritional supplements to strengthen the immune system, balance hormones, eliminate pollutants, and replace electrolytes. Good health is not free, but it is free for the taking through self-discipline and lifestyle changes.

By reading books you can educate yourself. You can identify the causes of inflammation and learn how to eliminate them. You can educate your family. You can also take action to stop the local cancer epidemic by informing your associates about the cause of cancer.

You no longer have to live with fear of cancer being caused by defective genes or issues outside of your control. If you tan control the source of enzymes in your cells, you can eliminate cancer.

Eliminating parasites is the key issue. Knowing this information doesn’t guarantee that you will live it, but not knowing this information guarantees that you wont. Knowledge is power, but only if you want to use it. The first step is to gain the knowledge.

As long as you have pollutants, parasites or mycotoxins in your body, you are subject to infection, inflammation and growth of pre-cancerous lesions. Avoiding cancer is an ongoing battle within your body with human enzymes pitted against microbial enzymes. Your lifestyle and nutritional habits establish which side wins,

The re-occurrence of cancer after a successful operation or other cancer treatment is due mainly to the failure of eliminating the parasites and toxins, or changing a lifestyle that caused cancer in the first place. The cancer epidemic is largely an infectious disease epidemic, the same as all epidemics in history. What else can cause an epidemic?

At the first sign of inflammation, take action to eliminate it. Do not allow fibrous growths to develop and persist. Sooner or later, the membrane wail will break and rapid doubling of infected cells will occur in your body.

Public Reaction Required To Stop the Epidemic

The cancer epidemic is the first epidemic in history in which mainstream medicine denies the cause, does nothing to stop it, and imprisons or destroys those who try.

Profiteering from cancer is just the tip of the iceberg. So-called autoimmune diseases, diabetes, AIDS, and cardiovascular diseases are also fungal or parasite related. Rising drug and medical costs are destroying the capacity of governments to provide other essential services for the public. Millions of lives and families are being needlessly destroyed.

For years there has been a strong undercurrent of belief that the cancer industry was holding back, but we couldn’t be sure because we didn’t know the cause of cancer. Now we do know the cause of cancer. We know the truth. We know there are better methods to treat cancer in electromagnetic devices and parasite cleansing programs.

The problem rests squarely c- the medical monopoly in health care controlled by the pharmaceutical cartel. The medical monopoly does not ensure public safety or benefit the public and has no valid reason for existence. Other less dangerous business monopolies, such as Microsoft, have been judged illegal. If we eliminate the medical business monopoly through court action, we can take back control of medical policies. We can include freedom of choice in health care as a constitutional right. We can free our health care system and medical staff from the drug cartel.

Medical policies should be governed by a group of people, none of which have a vested interest in the personal profitability of the policies. Cancer clinics should include parasite and pollution cleansing to eliminate the fundamental cause of cancer. Use of electromagnetic devices to zap pathogens, based on medical patent 5139684, should be made available to the public within our health care system.

For a new vision in health care, read CANCER, Cause, Cure and Cover-up. The Table of Contents follows. The health of your children and grandchildren depends on the action you take now. Medicare can be saved, not by increasing funding, but by decreasing abuse of the medical system,. Ely informing others with this information, you can help change public perceptions and help correct this serious problem. After reading this booklet, please pass it on to a friend or purchase additional booklets for those in need. To download request File #9 1604 words).

Download Information for Business or Personal Use

Want to download material for lectures, publication or resale? Text is in Microsoft Word. Email ronald.gdanski® for copy. A $5.00 service charge applies per chapter, or $50.00 for the complete text. (Provide visa or M/C info.) If information is resold for profit, a royalty charge (to be negotiated) will apply. Imprinted books also available.



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